Inspire Woman

Fierce Forty

I AM…Woman… I AM

… Then it was that I was forty-years-old.. I had waited with great anticipation about becoming a forty-year-old woman… I envisioned a great big birthday party celebration. Alas, it was not meant to be so… …Instead, there were the barriers of COVID-19 which meant that my celebration would be nothing like I envisioned… still it taught me a lesson, to not lament over what could have been, nor even what should have been but instead, embrace and immerse in what is. The BIG party did not happen. However, my husband, children and siblings showed up BIG!

I reflected on a seventeen-year-old teenage girl, who was ready to take on the world. She had a plan for her life. Goals were set and she was ready to not only reach for them but to grasp them into her hands. She was determined. Even though she did not know exactly how she would get there, she was confident she would.

Now, at forty she stood in the same dress she did, many years ago, as a seventeen-year-old, not to prove that she could fit in the dress.. Nah, that would be too trivial of a win.. Instead, it was to remind herself of the plan she had, the plan that was no longer a plan but her life. Goals that were no longer just set but, instead, goals reached and many more in her grasp. ….

…I have them in my hands.. Standing in the dress represented me standing in the plan, standing in the goals.. I made something of my life. It has not been an easy road for me. .. . Yet, I thank my seventeen-year-old self for believing in herself. I celebrate my forty-year-old self for not disappointing her.

I have learned many lessons, the one I want to highlight is that success is what you define it to be. Let no one dictate the course of your life for you. Neither should you allow any institution.. some of you will understand that last statement better than others.

I walked into forty desiring to keep and develop more right relationships.

Fully embracing the fact that I am ROYAL! Yes, I am a QUEEN!

Standing in my womanhood, strong and proud! I am woman!

Hearing the echoes of my ancestors. The chants from their battles. I stand firm with my fist high, I am a BLACK woman!

I will dance when no one is watching and while everyone is watching because I am me.

I will not be afraid to love all that makes me woman, my profession, my faith






My body is beautiful, I love it! I won’t flaunt it but I will not hide it.

… Then it was that I was forty years old….I am determined to be Fierce Forty with a Force! I am WOMAN!.. ah yes, the U in my foUrty is for Unique!

Faith Feature Marriage

The Riveras

THANKFULNESS & FAITH: Life, Friendship, Courtship, Marriage, Pregnancy, Family

From This Moment On / You’re Still the One, a Shania Twain’s Medley by Caleb and Kelsey was the song that Andrew and Evelyn danced to on their wedding day. …

From the moment Andrew saw Evelyn he was attracted to her …..and though Evelyn’s attraction was one that grew over time, the more she got to know him. It seems clear that they are both today saying, You are still the one…. the one that I choose to be by my side, the one I choose to protect, the one I choose to serve, the one I choose to produce another life with… The one I choose to raise a child with…… The one I choose to be Thankful with…

Business Feature Marriage

The Swifts & iWriteLife

Black Couple & Black Business

Writing & Living Life Together. Building a Resource & Platform for Others to Write & Live Theirs

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” –1st Corinthians 2:9:KJV

Marriage and business takes commitment double fold. Commitment to marriage and commitment to business. It also takes a very conscious commitment to not allow disagreements on either front to impact the other… well then, maybe this commitment thing is more than a double fold.. triple, quadruple?…. what do you think? What is certain is, it takes commitment.

Faith Feature Inspire Marriage

Mr. & Mrs. Glover

Chris & Pam

Ten Years Later: A Continuous Ministry of Love

“..the Creator ‘made them male and female’…”– Matthew 19:4:NIV

NOW: 10 YEARS LATER – 10/16/2020
Est. 10/16/2010

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6:NIV

Ten years later… a whole decade of loving one another and loving others through ministry. A commitment to forever. Forever loving each other. Forever loving God and His people.

Children Faith Marriage

More Than Jungle Fever…

Love Surviving & Thriving in the Midst of Hate

Love DOES see color BUT Love ALSO embraces color….

There has always been the side eye by some, both men and women, both black and white. There would be whispers of:

he is with her because…

she is with him because…

Encourage Inspire Motivate Woman

Summer 2020: The Expanded Purpose

Summer is over… yes, I know, it officially ended in September. September 22nd to be exact. For students, specifically adult students, the Fall semester also began in September. However, what makes October significant is the dreaded midterms, well it is dreaded for me. Followed by what I call, the midterm haze (I’ll tell you about that another time 😉 )…but let me go back just a little…

Faith Feature Marriage

Mr. & Mrs. Gray

A Twenty-four Year Marriage Journey

“What God has joined together, let no one separate” Matthew 19:6

Then: September 21, 1996 -Myreon and Kenya

You Changed My Life is Myreon and Kenya’s wedding song. Isn’t that exactly what happens when we allow another person in our lives? Particularly when we allow ourselves to love that person and in return that person loves us back.


When we must say no

Each day as they grow, we, as parents are faced with various decisions, some big, others small. Throughout my son’s years of taking the bus to and from school, he seldom had to do so without one of his sisters and or cousins. A few weeks ago, upon realizing that he now had to take the bus daily by himself in the mornings caused some adjustments for him. I remember him asking me to take him to school. After ensuring there were no other issues ( on the bus or at school) and realizing he was just having a little difficulty adjusting, I told him no. Tears filled both our eyes.


When it does right..or is it, When I do right?

I’ve fully embraced my natural hair but there are days when it is hard to maintain. Mainly because I do not practice the nightly hair routines that would help make maintenance a breeze. Oh but when I do, the results are remarkable.

Summer 2018 while in Jamaica (in picture), I was surprised how well my hair dealt with the heat. I realized that on nights when I took the time to re-twist and cover my hair with a head scarf, the next day my hair looked and felt moisturized and was easier to manage than on days when I neglected to re-twist and cover.



There is something timeless about love. It looks and feels better as time passes. There is something magical about love. It sees past our mishaps. There is something endless about love. It endures things unimaginable. There is something spectacular about love. Beyond the glitz and glamor, it’s just two people deciding each day to try a little harder than they did the day before.